About The Project

The First Map Project is Winya Indigenous Furniture’s Community Initiative to build a resource around practiced and unpracticed Indigenous Language Groups . This is a Project that encourages the contribution from Indigenous Peoples across Australia to build the first Language Group Map created by an Indigenous person from an Indigenous perspective. This map will include all currently practiced Indigenous Languages and languages that are no longer practiced. This will provide an indication of where language is flourishing and where it is fading so that actions can be taken to stop this. This is a community resource and a culmination of information about Indigenous Language groups that is allowed to be viewed by greater Australia.

This is an evolving piece and new information is always invited.

Greg welsh – Co-Founder of Winya Indigenous Furniture

“Winya has always had a strong focus on working with remote and regional communities as part of our unique supply chain model.

It’s been important for us to engage the wider community and now, to be able to contribute to a project that is as impactful as First Map Project, this is Winya’s most important community initiative yet.

We are so excited to be able to tour with this map and to learn and engage with Indigenous communities and grow this piece. To help with the creation of a language map from an Indigenous perspective, with diligent community consultation is something we are very proud of.”

Join us as we journey with this map around Australia as it continues to grow.

Learn About the Language Groups

*this map is a work in progress*


The First Map Project is Winya Indigenous Furniture’s Community Initiative. This means that we invite community contributions to grow this map, the knowledge surrounding the map and current available knowledge.

If you know of a Language Group that is no longer in practice we invite you to contribute to the growth of this map. If you know of further information about a Language Group that is already represented we invite you to contribute to the growth of this knowledge.

We hope to grow this website to contain a breadth of knowledge from contributors across Australia to create a cultural education resource that is available for everyone.

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