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Mutti Mutti Language Group

Alternative Spellings

Mutti Mutti / Muthi Muthi, also known as Madhi Madhi, Madi Madi, Bakiin, Mataua, Matimati, Matthee matthee, Moorta Moorta, Mudhi Mudhi, Muthimuthi, Muti muti, Muttee Muttee, Madimadi, Mutte Mutte, Madi madi


This Language Group resides primarily in Murrumbidgee River in the area of Balranald, with their southwestern boundary on the Murray River


Spoke Madhi Madhi, a Kulinic language




Generic information

Many Elders and other knowledge holders with good language and plant knowledge have died in recent years. Despite this, some important traditional knowledge of plants has been retained as sufficient number of people are still familiar with plants of cultural significance.

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