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Karenggapa Language Group

Alternative Spellings
  • Karengappa
  • Karrengappa
  • Kurengappa
Location, What its near, Size

14,000 square kilometres (5,500 sq mi)

Mount Bygrave and Woodbum Lake, Qld,Tiboo-burra, N.S.W. at Yalpunga and Connulpie Downs; on the Bulloo River about Bulloo Lakes; southwest to near Milpa-rinka; east to Therloo Downs (Tindale 1974).

Language used (where applicable), common words

 Yarli language

Generic information
  • The identity of this name is not clear: Karenggapa appears to be either an alternative name of Wangkumara or a dialect of Wangkumara. Capell (1963) reports that Garanggaba is listed by Tindale as an identity name.
Dreaming stories
Other Images

142°45’E x 29°15’S



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