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Barrabbinya Language Group

Alternative Spellings
  • Barren-binya
  • Barrumbinya, Burrumbinya, Barrunbarga( typo)
  • Baranbinja
  • Burranbinga, Burrabinya
  • Burranbinya, Burrunbinya
  • Parran-binye
Location, What its near, Size

   Central New South Wales?

1,200 square miles (3,100 km2)

Language used (where applicable), common words
Generic information
  • Extinct language, the last speaker is thought to be Mrs Emily Margaret Horneville (1979)
  • Researchers found that they believe the two languages Muruwari and Barranbinya were practically the same
  • Oates, Lynette says the language probably ceased to be spoken before the turn of the (twentieth) century
  • Dreaming stories
  • Totems
  • Other Images
  • Coordinates 

30°06’S, 145°56’E

-30.10, 145.93

  • References







  • Oates, Lynette F. 1988. Barranbinya: fragments of a New South Wales Aboriginal language. In Papers in Australian Linguistics 17, ed. P. Austin, et al., 185-204. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics.


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